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5mm Reddish-Bronze Iris Fluted Beads [50]

5mm Reddish-Bronze Iris Fluted Beads [50]
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Price Per Lot: $3.00
Lots Available: 55
Style No. (bin): G1560 (doa~)

Cost per bead:

6 cents

Bead material:


Country of origin:

Czech Republic


5mm round, fluted (flutes are accordion-like grooves in the side).


Reddish-bronze coated beads with an additional iris luster coating, which causes some beads to look a little purplish.  It's possible that the bronze coating and the iris coating are one and the same, but I think the beads were coated twice.  (These are not synthetic coatings.)

Hole size:

1mm (estimated).


The beads appear to be in good shape.  An occasional bead may be malformed.

How photographed:

At the window in natural daylight.


The flutes on these beads are not as even and perfect as they are on the larger fluted beads.  My price is high because the supplier's price is high.  Whether the supplier's price was reasonable, I don't know; but this is a popular color, so I got them.

Date first posted: March 23, 2009
Supplier: E
Caleb's notes:  
5mm Reddish-Bronze Iris Fluted Beads [50]
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