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4mm White AB Cut-Crystal Bicone Beads [100]

4mm White AB Cut-Crystal Bicone Beads [100]
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Price Per Lot: $3.00
Lots Available: 1
Style No. (bin): C066 (eia+y)

Style no.: C066
Beads per lot: 100
Cost per bead: 3 cents
Bead material: Glass
Country of origin: China
Size/shape: 4mm (long) x 4.5mm (wide) cut-crystal bicones.  Cut-crystal bicones have six sides rather than the four sides that ordinary bicones have.
Colors/description: White glass with an AB (aurora borealis) coating on part of each beads.  The AB coating is not very strong, and there is little color in it (and no silver).  (Czech beads have AB coatings that have a lot of silver in them; Chinese AB coatings are somewhat similar to Czech "iris" coatings.)
Hole size: 1mm (estimated).
Defects: Chinese crystal bicones sometimes have chips around the holes.  That has lead me to believe that the holes are actually drilled rather than being part of the mold.  I say this partly because the holes are sometimes slightly off-center (only slightly).
How photographed: Under two daylight-balanced lamps.
Comments: To the naked eye, Chinese bicones appear as perfect as Preciosa or Swarovski bicones, although I don't believe they actually are.  Happily, they are much cheaper than those more-expensive beads.  I consider them to be an adequate and economical substitute for Czech crystal bicones, so I may eventually switch over to the Chinese bicones entirely (unless my customers object).  (It bears noting that 4mm Chinese crystal bicones are slightly larger than Czech bicones.  Czech bicones are about .5 mm smaller in both dimensions.)

Regarding my picture, it is not very good.  Despite buying a new camera a year ago, it is very hard for me to get clear, sharp pictures of certain colors, such as white and clear glass.  It is hard to see the shape of white beads against a white background (I'm looking around for a suitable gray background to use for clear beads, but I haven't found one yet).  I apologize for the poor picture.
Date first posted: February 16, 2016
Supplier: Y
Caleb's notes:
4mm White AB Cut-Crystal Bicone Beads [100]
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4mm White AB Cut-Crystal Bicone Beads [100]
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4mm White AB Cut-Crystal Bicone Beads [100]
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