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12mm Cobalt Blue Picasso 3-Cut Teardrop Beads [25] (see Comments)

12mm Cobalt Blue Picasso 3-Cut Teardrop Beads [25] (see Comments)
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Price Per Lot: $3.80
Lots Available: 33
Style No. (bin): G2160 (cac~c)

Style: G2160
Beads per lot: 25
Cost per bead: 15.2
Bead material: Glass
Country of origin: Czech Republic
Size/shape: 12mm (long) teardrop-shaped beads with three facets around the middle.  The hole runs through the length.
Colors/description: Translucent cobalt blue with a lustrous light grayish-brown mottled "picasso" coating on the rounded portions of the beads.
Hole size: 1mm (estimated).
Defects: Of the three facets on each bead, one of the facets is likely to be rough or, at least, not very shiny (that will be true of all fire-polished beads).  However, I noticed while working with these beads that they have a higher proportion of defective facets than the other 3-cut teardrops.  Specifically, some of the facets are noticeably malformed.  What I did is this:  I reduced the price from $4.20 to $3.80.  The 20 cents that I took off from the price will compensate you for two defective beads per lot of 20.  I think that's fair.
How photographed: At the window in natural daylight.
Comments: The picture isn't the best.  Because the beads were lying on a surface, no light is passing through the cuts or "windows", so you can't see the rich color of the glass very well.  When these beads are held up to a window, the color of the glass is rich and delightful.  Also, the picasso coating is darker and more brown than the picture indicates.

In addition, you should know that the color of the glass can change depending on the light source.  When I was fixing up the picture, it was right before dawn.  I was using a new daylight-balance LED bulb to judge the color, under which the color of the glass was a deep purplish-blue.  However, as the light came through the window, I noticed that it made the glass look more like a deep sapphire blue.  Thus, you may find that the color looks different depending on the light source.  Either way, once the defective beads are removed -- if you get any, see Defects above -- you will find that the remaining beads are gorgeous.  (The picture was altered to make the glass look more cobalt than sapphire.)
Date first posted: January 3, 2014
Supplier: C
Caleb's notes:
12mm Cobalt Blue Picasso 3-Cut Teardrop Beads [25] (see Comments)
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