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6mm Oxblood Red Round Beads [50]

6mm Oxblood Red Round Beads [50]
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Price Per Lot: $2.80
Lots Available: 8
Style No. (bin): G1010 (aia+e)

Cost per bead:

5.6 cents

Bead material:


Country of origin:

Czech Republic


6mm round (spherical).


Semi-translucent blood red (see comments below); all the beads have a visible seam in the middle of each bead.

Hole size:

1mm (estimated).


I haven't noticed any defects.

How photographed:

At the window in natural daylight.


Previously, in my comments for these beads I said that they can look very dark in low light and very bright in bright light, and then I discovered why I said that:  I actually have two different shades of the beads, one dark and one bright!  Since my picture looks like the bright beads, I am selling the bright beads first.  When I switch to the dark beads, I'll re-do the picture.  If you have purchased these beads in the past, I don't know which ones you got.

Just in case you are curious, here is the supplier's picture, which I consider to be accurate for the darker beads:
Please note that the other red beads I carry, the G2183 beads, are more opaque than these beads are.

Date first posted: February 20, 2007
Supplier: E
6mm Oxblood Red Round Beads [50]
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