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4.5mm Capri Blue Cylinder Beads [200] (see Defects)

4.5mm Capri Blue Cylinder Beads [200] (see Defects)
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Price Per Lot: $1.00
Lots Available: 67
Style No. (bin): G1985 (byb-b)

Style: G1985
Beads per lot:
Cost per bead:
0.5 cent
Bead material:
Country of origin:
Czech Republic
About 4.7mm (long) x 4.7mm (wide) cylinders.
Semi-opaque capri blue.
Hole size:
2mm (estimated).
Defects: A small percentage of beads are broken, and a smaller percentage have debris in the holes (I tried punching the debris out of the hole, and it worked).  I eliminate any defective beads that I see, but I don't always see them.

I should also say that the beads are not perfectly formed and vary slightly in size from one to the next.  In that respect, they are a little like large seed beads.  Most of them are about 4.6mm but some are as large as 5mm.
  Also, the surface of the beads is not always perfectly smooth.
How photographed: At the window in natural daylight.
Comments: These beads arrived in dusty, old-fashioned looking boxes, which makes me think they are a little old (10 to 20 years perhaps?).  However, even at the time they were made, they wouldn't have been considered high-quality beads.  Nonetheless, they are simple and basic and will look good in informal jewelry.  Having large holes, they can be used with stringing materials that are a little thick.  This shape could be called "pony" or "crow", but they just look like cylinders to me, so I am using that term.  Important:  In January, 2016 I decided that the quality of the beads was not as good as I first thought, so I lowered the price of the beads considerably.
Date first posted: June 29, 2011
Supplier: B
Caleb's notes:
4.5mm Capri Blue Cylinder Beads [200] (see Defects)
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