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12mm Baby Blue/Silver Polished Rectangle Beads [20]

12mm Baby Blue/Silver Polished Rectangle Beads [20]
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Price Per Lot: $4.50
Lots Available: 9
Style No. (bin): G1805 (aab~)

Style:  G1805
Cost per bead:  22.5 cents

Bead material:  Glass

Country of origin:  Czech Republic

Size/shape:  12mm long x 8mm wide x 3.5mm thick rectangles with hand-polished sides.

Colors/description:  Opaque light blue with a matte silver-colored coating on the edges.
Hole size:  1mm (estimated).

Defects:  I eliminate seriously defective beads before shipping.  I can't eliminate every bead which has a slight defect, so I use my judgement as to which defects are so serious that the bead can't be used.  Certainly, cracks, deep or long scratches, large pits, partially polished sides, large spots of coating on the sides, and malformations are all enough for me to eliminate a bead.  But I may not eliminate a bead if it has very shallow scratches, small pits, or very small spots of picasso coating on the sides, or other small anomalies that don't ruin the overall appearance.  If you receive any beads with serious defects, that means that I overlooked them, and you should contact me for a pro-rated refund.  Specific to these beads:  I have noticed that defects in the silvery coating on the edges are much more visible than defects on the edges of other polished beads.  A defect on the edge of a bead with a picasso coating may not be visible at all, but that isn't the case with these beads.  I can't eliminate every bead that has a very slight defect on the edge, but I am eliminating the beads with the worst defects.

How photographed:  At the window in natural daylight.

Comments:  The supplier's picture shows a bead with a shiny silver coating on the edges.  The beads that arrived have a matte, grayish silver-colored coating which looks more like aluminum.  In fact, the coating looks a little cheap to me, like silver-colored paint.  Even so, it is applied evenly.

For a very long time I called these beads "bluish turquoise", but in early 2014 I decided that they are just light blue.  Bluish turquoise has a little aqua in it, which these beads don't.
Date first posted:  May 28, 2010
Supplier:  B
Caleb's notes:

12mm Baby Blue/Silver Polished Rectangle Beads [20]
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