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6mm Turquoise Picasso Teardrop Beads [100]

6mm Turquoise Picasso Teardrop Beads [100]
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Price Per Lot: $5.00
Lots Available: 23
Style No. (bin): G2041 (cea+)

Style: G2041
Beads per lot: 100
Cost per bead: 5 cents
Bead material: Glass
Country of origin: Czech Republic
Size/shape: 6mm teardrops with the hole running sidways through the narrow end.  They are about 4mm wide.
Colors/description: Greenish turquoise (i.e., opaque greenish aqua) with a mottled "picasso" coating.  There seem to be two discrete picasso coatings on the beads, one which is a yellowish brown, and another which is a bluish gray.  I have seen this combination of colors before, and I think it is very effective.
Hole size: 1mm (estimated).
Defects: The beads appear to be in good shape.
How photographed: At the window in natural daylight.
Comments: It's important that you understand that the picture is a close-up, and the details that you can see in the picture are less visible to the naked eye.  Nonetheless, these are really attractive beads.  The picasso coating is very well done.  As I said above, it is a combination of two coatings, one brown and one gray.  I know exactly what the manufacturer is doing:  the very best picasso coatings are made from silver, and the silver coatings have many colors in them.  Probably in order to save money, they are not using silver; but the faux silver picasso coating that they came up with looks very good.  If these beads had a real silver coating, they would be twice as expensive.

I have carried 6mm turquoise picasso teardrops before, but I am giving these beads a new number because they look significantly different from the others.
Date first posted: January 22, 2012
Supplier: E
Caleb's notes:  
6mm Turquoise Picasso Teardrop Beads [100]
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