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18mm Mixed Green/Aqua Leaf Beads [25]

18mm Mixed Green/Aqua Leaf Beads [25]
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Price Per Lot: $3.00
Lots Available: 10
Style No. (bin): G685 (cmb+e)

Beads per lot:


Cost per bead:

12 cents

Bead material:


Country of origin:

Czech Republic


18mm leaf-shaped.  Only one side of the bead has veins; the opposite side isn't for show.  About 40% of the olive-colored leaves have AB coating, and the coating can be on either side of the bead (the top or the underside).


Mixed translucent colors:  dark emerald, medium olive green, medium olive green with AB coating on one side, light aqua, medium teal, dark teal.  The proportions of colors will vary from one lot to the next.


I haven't noticed any defects.


I almost returned these beads when I discovered that the underside of the beads isn't meant to be shown.  That means that you need to design your jewelry pieces so that the top of the bead is always showing.  The underside of the beads has a bump in the glass where the hole is, and it doesn't look very good.  However, I'm sure that all my skilled customers will find a way to keep the topside up.

Important:  In early July, 2011, I made a change.  I purchased more of the beads that have an AB coating in order to increase the proportion of those beads in the mix.  (I concluded that those were the beads that my customers liked the best, but my customers were getting only about 3 of them per lot.)  However, since last purchasing the beads, the supplier's price had more than double.  Consequently, when I factured in the price of the new beads, I had to raise the price of each lot from $2.60 to $3.00.  That's not an unreasonable price for such large beads.

Date first posted: April 16, 2006
Reposted as a mix November 25, 2008
Supplier: E
18mm Mixed Green/Aqua Leaf Beads [25]
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