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4mm Light Amethyst Cut-Crystal Bicone Beads [50]

4mm Light Amethyst Cut-Crystal Bicone Beads [50]
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Price Per Lot: $4.00
Lots Available: 12
Style No. (bin): C016 (eia+e)

Style: C016
Beads per lot:
Cost per bead:
8 cents
Bead material:
Country of origin:
Czech Republic
3.5mm (long) x 4mm (wide) faceted bicones.
Translucent light amethyst purple or light plum purple.
Hole size:
1mm (estimated).
Defects: The beads appear to be in good shape.
How photographed: At the window in natural daylight.
Comments: If the color in the picture seems very light and even washed out, that's the way the beads look when they are laid one layer deep on a light surface.  If I were to photograph the beads in a pile, that would make them look darker and more colorful (that's how my supplier photographs them).  However, that's not the way you will use the beads.  You will string them one at a time, so I think my pictures are the most realistic.

These beads can look more blue or more green depending on the light source.  "Zircon" is a color name that I have never used before, and I'm not sure why.  As I said above, it is similar to teal but a little more blue and more intense or bright.
Date first posted: Setember 2, 2011
Supplier: E
Caleb's notes:

4mm Light Amethyst Cut-Crystal Bicone Beads [50]
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