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42mm Blue Ceramic Macaroni Beads [8]

42mm Blue Ceramic Macaroni Beads [8]
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Price Per Lot: $3.20
Lots Available: 14
Style No. (bin): R030 (cac)

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Style: R030
Beads per lot: 8
Cost per bead: 40 cents
Bead material: Glass
Country of origin: Japan?  Not sure.
Size/shape: 40mm to 42mm long macaroni-shaped beads, 8mm thick.
Colors/description: White ceramic beads with a blue finish (similar to Wedgewood blue).  The finish is closer to being matte than shiny.  There's a little shininess to the beads, but not much.
Hole size: 2mm-3mm (estimated).
Defects: About a third of the beads have various defects, such as indentations, hairlines, and small chips (most of the chips occurred before the color was added, so they aren't as visible as you'd expect).  If you buy defective beads, you will get them for $1.20 off.
How photographed: At the window in natural daylight.
Comments: These beads are from my 1980's stash.  At 40 cents each (for the perfect ones), they aren't cheap.  However, one lot is enough to provide accent beads for an entire necklace, and two lots are enough (with the addition of some filler beads) to make a choker.  Note:  There seem to be two batches of beads mixed together, one with a blue that is slightly more purple than the other batch.  However, they are so close in color that I am not bothering to distinguish between the two when I am selecting the beads.
Date first posted: February 27, 2013
Supplier: Don't remember, probably WEM.
Caleb's notes:  
42mm Blue Ceramic Macaroni Beads [8]
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