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28mm Turquoise Speckled Oval Pottery Beads [5]

28mm Turquoise Speckled Oval Pottery Beads [5]
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Price Per Lot: $4.00
Lots Available: 41
Style No. (bin): R017 (bx~)

Style: R017
Beads per lot:
Cost per bead:
80 cents
Bead material:
Country of origin:
27mm to 30mm ovals (football-shaped).
Ceramic or pottery beads with a mottled turquoise and brown glaze.
Hole size:
2mm (estimated).
Defects: The beads are not perfectly shaped because they are hand-made.  Since they are premium beads, I am inspecting them individually and eliminating defective beads before shipping.  However, small anomalies (like small spots where the glaze didn't cover) won't be eliminated.  The beads have a very rustic appearance, so minor defects should not be a problem.  Important:  After working with the beads for a while, I have come to realize that my picture is too dark and has too much contrast.  In other words, the beads are a little lighter and more evenly colored than my picture indicates.
How photographed: At the window in natural daylight.
Comments: As stated above, the size of the beads can vary somewhat.  These beads are enormous and heavy, heavy enough that they will distort the shape of a necklace if you combine them with significantly lighter beads.  Also, they may be too heavy to make into earrings.  I actually ordered the 18mm size, but the supplier sent me the 28mm size.  Since the supplier is in China and the shipping cost was enormous, I can't send them back.  When I first carried pottery beads quite a few years ago, they were smaller and quite cheap.  Now they are expensive.  Sorry!
Date first posted: May 30, 2011
Supplier: G
Caleb's notes:

28mm Turquoise Speckled Oval Pottery Beads [5]
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