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4x7mm Copper Iris Flower Rondelle Beads [50]

4x7mm Copper Iris Flower Rondelle Beads [50]
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Price Per Lot: $5.40
Lots Available: 2
Style No. (bin): G1792 (doa+b)

Style:  G1792
Cost per bead:  10.8 cents

Bead material:  Glass

Country of origin:  Czech Republic

Size/shape:  4mm (thick) x 7mm (wide) flowers with the hole through the middle.  The petals don't really look like petals, but like balls.  The shape of these beads reminds me of bali silver spacers.

Colors/description:  Glass beads with a reddish-bronze coating; on top of that is a purplish metallic coating sprayed on part of each bead (that's the "iris" part).  These coatings are made of glass and metal, so they are not synthetic.
Hole size:  1mm (estimated).

Defects:  The beads appear to be in good shape.  However, the beads have a pronounced and obvious seam around the outer edge of each bead.  The seam, in my opinion, looks cheap.

How photographed:  At the window in natural daylight.

Comments:  As I state above, the seam around the outer edges of the beads looks cheap to me.  On the other hand, the bronze/purple coatings look expensive, so there's a mixed impression from these beads.  Since they have the hole through the middle, the beads will most likely be viewed from the side, and that is not the best angle.  Regarding the price, these beads were horribly expensive.  Clearly, the supplier thinks they are nice and is charging a premium price for them.  I passed them up two or three times when placing previous orders, and finally I decided to get them.
Date first posted:  May 22, 2010
Supplier:  B
Caleb's notes: 

4x7mm Copper Iris Flower Rondelle Beads [50]
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