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Mixed Odd-Lot Beads [100]

Mixed Odd-Lot Beads [100]
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Price Per Lot: $3.00
Lots Available: 19
Style No. (bin): G1507 (dua-x)

Style no.:  G1507
Cost per bead:  3 cents

Bead material:  Glass

Country of origin:  Czech Republic

Size/shape:  Sizes range from 4mm to about 18mm.

Colors/description:  Varies.
Hole size:  Most beads have 1mm holes.

Defects:  5% may be defective, possibly more.  I do not throw defective beads into the Odd Lot mix, but most bead styles have some defects beads.

How photographed:  At the window in natural daylight.

Comments:  When I have a small number of left-over beads, I throw them into the Odd Lot jar.  Probably 95% of the beads are Czech, with a small number of Indian and Chinese beads.

The mix contains both smooth and faceted beads, mostly smooth.  The mix does not contain any left-over hand-polished or "window" beads, which are sold separately.  $3.00 for 100 beads may seem like a lot for odd-lot beads, but that's what I usually charge for plain 4mm beads.  I estimate that the average size of the beads in the mix is 7mm, and that the average retail value is around 6 to 7 cents per bead, so these beads are a bargain.


You may or may not receive any very large beads; it all depends on what is in the current mix.  The picture above won't be updated as the mix changes (although I did update it in June, 2010).

Date first posted:  December 28, 2008
Supplier:  All.
Caleb's notes: 

Mixed Odd-Lot Beads [100]
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