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6mm Blue-Lined Pony Beads [50] (see Defects)

6mm Blue-Lined Pony Beads [50] (see Defects)
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Price Per Lot: $2.00
Lots Available: 2
Style No. (bin): G2209 (byb~)

Style: G2209
Beads per lot: 50
Cost per bead: 4 cents
Bead material: Glass
Country of origin: Czech Republic
Size/shape: 4mm (thick) x 6mm (wide) "pony" beads, with a large hole through the center.  The term "pony", I believe, comes from the shape of the bead that is sometimes put over the top of a pony's tail.
Colors/description: Clear beads with blue-colored paint in the holes (see Comments below).
Hole size: 2mm to 2.5mm (estimated).
Defects: I estimate that less than 5% of the beads have defects (5% is my cut-off for what I consider to be a reasonable level of defects).  The paint in lined beads can eventually disintegrate and fall out of the holes.  However, these beads are already four or five years old, and they look very fresh.
How photographed: Under daylight-balanced lamps.  (Using two lamps to photograph beads leaves two bright light reflections on each bead, but that can't be helped.)
Comments: These were job-lot beads which I got some years ago from a store that was going out of business.  I have only a small amount of this particular color.

The beads in the picture probably look odd to you.  The ones that look blue are the ones that are lying on their sides; the ones that look clear are lying on their holes, so you can't see the paint.
Date first posted: December 15, 2104
Supplier: Don't remember.
Caleb's notes:
6mm Blue-Lined Pony Beads [50] (see Defects)
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