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10x12mm Milky Alexandrite 3-Petal Flower Beads [25]

10x12mm Milky Alexandrite 3-Petal Flower Beads [25]
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Price Per Lot: $3.60
Lots Available: 19
Style No. (bin): G1997 (afa~)

Style no.: G1997
Beads per lot:
Cost per bead:
14.4 cents
Bead material:
Country of origin:
Czech Republic
10mm (deep) x 12mm (wide) flowers with 3 raised ridges around the edge that represent 3 petals, and 3 grooved or flutes on the side of each petal.
Milky alexandrite.  Alexandrite is a rosy pink in incandescent light and daylight, and light blue under fluorescent light.
Hole size:
1mm (estimated).
Defects: When I first handled the beads, I noticed that a small number of them have an extra ridge of glass between the petals.  I'm not eliminating them (in order to do so, I would have to inspect the beads individually, and these beads aren't expensive enough for that).  If you are dissatisfied with the quality of any of the beads (to the extent that you decide not to use them), please contact me for a pro-rated refund.  Also, there is some roughness in the center of the flowers (the portion surrounded by the petals).  That roughness is normal for these beads.
How photographed: At the window in natural daylight.
Comments: As I worked with these beads, they didn't appear as lavender as the picture indicated, so I shifted it more toward the violet (i.e, more pink).  However, I am using daylight-balance fluoresent lamps, so it's possible that the shade you see under your lamps (or in daylight) may be different.  I have included pictures of the beads as it appeared before, and as it appears now.  You should expect these beads to look a little different under different kinds of light, especially since they are alexandrite-colored beads, which naturally change shades.
Date first posted: July 22, 2011
Supplier: E
Caleb's notes:
10x12mm Milky Alexandrite 3-Petal Flower Beads [25]
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10x12mm Milky Alexandrite 3-Petal Flower Beads [25]
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