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15mm 'Clarit' Cut-Crystal Teardrop Beads [5]

15mm 'Clarit' Cut-Crystal Teardrop Beads [5]
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Price Per Lot: $4.50
Lots Available: 17
Style No. (bin): C037 (eia~)

Style no.: C037
Beads per lot: 5
Cost per bead: 90 cents
Bead material: Glass
Country of origin: Czech Republic
Size/shape: 15mm (from tip to tip) x 9mm (wide) crystal teardrops with the hole running sideways through the narrow end.  These are Preciosa-brand cut-crystal beads, not fire-polished beads.
Colors/description: Clear beads with a light gold-brown coating on part of each bead (the coating is not synthetic).  Like celsian coatings, clarit coatings are, I believe, sealed to the surface of the bead by heat.  However, these beads are not fire-polished, so I don't know how they accomplish that.
Hole size: 1mm (estimated).
Defects: These are high-quality cut-crystal beads.  Despite that, some beads may have a few small nicks at the edges of some facets.  I am inspecting the beads individually, and I am eliminating beads that have larger nicks, but I am not eliminating beads that have very small nicks.  If you are dissatisfied with the beads, please contact me.
How photographed: At the window in natural daylight.
Comments: First, these are leaded-glass beads, but they pose no hazard to anyone.  About the color:  I have one supplier which uses all kinds of unusual words to describe different coatings.  Usually I don't pick up on those words, but in this case I have.  This coating is like a celsian coating, but much lighter.
Date first posted: October 21, 2012
Supplier: C
Caleb's notes:  
15mm 'Clarit' Cut-Crystal Teardrop Beads [5]
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