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5mm Ruby/Bronze Pinched Oval Beads [100]

5mm Ruby/Bronze Pinched Oval Beads [100]
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Price Per Lot: $3.70
Lots Available: 34
Style No. (bin): G1854 (aia+e)

Style:  G1854
Cost per bead:  3.7 cents

Bead material:  Glass

Country of origin:  Czech Republic

Size/shape:  5mm "pinched" ovals:  angular ovals with 3 flat sides and a ridge in the middle (the beads actually have 3 triangular sides).

  Translucent ruby red with a bronze luster coating.
Hole size:  1mm (estimated).

  The beads appear to be in good shape.

How photographed:  At the window in natural daylight.

Comments:  In my opinion these are very interesting beads.  The combination of the ruby red with the bronze surface works very well.  NOTE:  While dividing the beads into lots, I found two loose beads in the bag, that means that two lots will probably have 99 beads in them instead of 100.  (The beads come on strands of 100 each.  It's not possible for me to count all the beads on all the strands.)
Date first posted:  September 25, 2010
Supplier:  E
Caleb's notes:

5mm Ruby/Bronze Pinched Oval Beads [100]
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