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10mm Cranberry/Pearl 3-Cut Round Beads [20]

10mm Cranberry/Pearl 3-Cut Round Beads [20]
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Price Per Lot: $4.00
Lots Available: 15
Style No. (bin): G1897 (prd~e)

Style no.:  G1897
Beads per lot:  20

Cost per bead:  20 cents

Bead material:  Glass

Country of origin:  Czech Republic

Size/shape:  10mm round beads with 3 facets or "cuts" around the middle.

  A mixture of white glass (on the inside) and fuchsia glass (on the outside), with a seam in the middle of each bead.
Hole size:  1mm (estimated).

Defects:  The beads appear to be in good shape.  At first I thought that they were fire-polished, but now I'm not sure.  I examined the facets on about ten beads and didn't see any of the usual defects that I see on fire-polished facets.  However, I can't believe that each facet was hand-polished (that would be too expensive), so I'm not sure how they made the facets smooth.  I did notice that most beads have one or more very small nicks in the glass at the edges of the cuts.  I'm not sure what those nicks are from (probably from the tool that cut the facets), but they are way too small to notice unless you look for them under bright light.  Thus, I haven't reduced the price.  If you are dissatisfied with the quality of the beads, you can return them and I will pay your return shipping.

How photographed:  At the window in natural daylight.

Comments:  These are very nice beads, and the condition is much better than I expected it to be.  Because of their price, I consider them to be premium beads.  However, because they have more than two sides, I am not inspecting them individually (inspecting all three sides of each bead would be too time-consuming).  If you receive any beads that are defective, please contact me for a pro-rated refund.
Date first posted:  February 9, 2011
Supplier:  E
Caleb's notes:

10mm Cranberry/Pearl 3-Cut Round Beads [20]
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