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12mm Turquoise Picasso Polished Rectangle Beads [20] (see Comments)

12mm Turquoise Picasso Polished Rectangle Beads [20] (see Comments)
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Price Per Lot: $4.50
Lots Available: 15
Style No. (bin): G569 (aab~)

Available Options:
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Style no.:


Beads per lot:


Cost per bead:

22.5 cents

Bead material:


Country of origin:

Czech Republic


12mm (long) x 8mm (wide) x 4mm (thick) rectangles with hand-polished sides.


Greenish turquoise (i.e., opaque greenish aqua), and a brown picasso coating around the edges (see Comments below).

Hole size:

1mm (estimated).


I eliminate seriously defective beads before shipping.  I can't eliminate every bead which has a slight defect, so I use my judgement as to which defects are so serious that the bead can't be used.  Certainly, cracks, scratches, large pits, partially polished sides, large spots of picasso coating on the sides, and malformations are all enough for me to eliminate a bead.  But I may not eliminate a bead if it has very shallow scratches (so shallow that it's hard to see), small pits, or very small spots of picasso coating on the sides, or other small anomalies that don't ruin the overall appearance.  Translucent beads which have gotten picasso coating in the holes, so that the holes are dark, are not eliminated.  If you receive any beads with serious defects, that means that I overlooked them, and you should contact me for a pro-rated refund.

How photographed:

At the window in natural daylight.  The picture is old.


Important:  Every time I restock these beads, the color of the glass and the coating changes, and I simply cannot re-photograph them every time.

Right now I am selling two different lots:

(1) a greenish-turquoise with medium-brown picasso coating. The color of the turquoise is about the same as the G2070 beads (click on the Related Products tab), and the picasso coating is a medium brown with a little yellow in it, but not nearly as much yellow as the batch described below (all browns are somewhat yellow).

(2) a greenish-turquoise, but slightly bluer and deeper than (1) above, with a yellow-brown picasso coating.  These are the ones I personally prefer.

Neither turquoise is as deep and rich as the beads pictured, which is the first lot that I carried, although (2) above comes closest.
  Also, the beads pictured have a darker picasso coating than either of the curent batches.

As stated above, the G2070 beads have a charcoal gray picasso coating.

Date first posted:

December, 2006



12mm Turquoise Picasso Polished Rectangle Beads [20] (see Comments)
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