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10x12mm Red Picasso 3-Petal Flower Beads [25]

10x12mm Red Picasso 3-Petal Flower Beads [25]
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Price per Lot: $4.00
Lots Available: 15
Item No. (bin): G1378 (akc+)

Beads per lot: 25

Cost per bead:

16 cents

Bead material:


Country of origin:

Czech Republic


10mm x 12mm deep flowers with 3 curvy petals; the hole runs through the center.


Opaque dark red with a spotted gray-green picasso coating.

Hole size:

1mm (estimated).


An occasional bead will be chipped.  What I do when I'm counting them, is I roll each bead in my hand feeling for chips.  If any chipped beads get through to you, please contact me for a pro-rated refund.

How photographed:

At the window in natural daylight.


To be honest, these very expensive beads are a bit of a disappointment.  The supplier's picture made them look more interesting than they are.  In particular, the picasso coating isn't as nice as I've seen on other beads.  There don't seem to be as many picasso spots as the supplier's picture shows, and they don't add that much to the appearance of the beads.  The picasso spots aren't distributed very evenly on the beads.  Here is the supplier's picture for comparison:

Date first posted: April 9, 2008
Supplier: E
10x12mm Red Picasso 3-Petal Flower Beads [25]
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