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7x8mm Opaque Green Mottled Rosebud Faceted Beads [25]

7x8mm Opaque Green Mottled Rosebud Faceted Beads [25]
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Price per Lot: $3.80
Lots Available: 5
Item No. (bin): F532 (cna~)

Style:  F532
Beads per lot:  25

Cost per bead:  15.2

Bead material:  Glass

Country of origin:  Czech Republic

Size/shape:  7mm (long) x 8mm (wide) beads molded in a rosebud shape, with facets around the middle.

  White glass with a mottled green coating.  Actually, it appears that there are two coatings:  a grayish-bluish-green coating covered by a lightly applied light-golden-brown picasso coating.  The picasso coating looks more olive-green than brown because it mixes with the green coating.  Neither coating is synthetic.
Hole size:  1mm (estimated).

Defects:  I haven't noticed any significant defects.  However, fire-polished beads always have some imperfect facets.  But in a bead with a complex shape and mottled colors like this one, you won't notice any imperfections in the facets.

How photographed:  At the window in natural daylight.

Comments:  These beads have the same mottle green coating that has looked so good on other beads.  As I post these beads, I think I have 4 other styles that have this coating.  Frankly, on these beads it looks a little dull, but it is still nice.
Date first posted:  March 3, 2011
Supplier:  E
Caleb's notes:

7x8mm Opaque Green Mottled Rosebud Faceted Beads [25]
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