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16mm Brown Tiger Flat Oval Beads [20]

16mm Brown Tiger Flat Oval Beads [20]
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Price Per Lot: $4.00
Lots Available: 1
Style No. (bin): G1759 (prc+c)

Cost per bead:

20 cents

Bead material:


Country of origin:

Czech Republic


16mm (long) x 11mm (wide) x 5mm (thick) flat ovals with the hole running through the length.


Opaque satiny brown, black and white in subtle stripes.  The inner bead is black, and the brown and white are mixed into the black to form the stripes.

Hole size:

1mm (estimated).


Since these are Premium beads, I am inspecting them individually and discarding the defective beads.  However, not all of the beads have exactly the same stripes.  Some beads have narrower or wider stripes, or more or less black or white in them.

How photographed:

At the window in natural daylight.


This color is sometimes called "tiger eye" by the Czech manufacturers.  I love the "tiger" colors.

Date first posted: February 22, 2010
Supplier: C
16mm Brown Tiger Flat Oval Beads [20]
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