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8mm Clear Picasso 3-Cut Round Beads [25]

8mm Clear Picasso 3-Cut Round Beads [25]
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Price Per Lot: $3.60
Lots Available: 21
Style No. (bin): G2075 (bda~)

Style: G2075
Beads per lot: 25
Cost per bead: 14.4 cents
Bead material: Glass
Country of origin: Czech Republic
Size/shape: 8mm round with 3 facets or "cuts" around the middle.
Colors/description: Clear beads with a yellow-brown mottled "picasso" coating on the round portions of the beads.
Hole size: 1mm (estimated).
Defects: Some slight imperfections can be seen in the facets (specifically, shallow ridges can be seen on some facets), but that is normal for Czech faceted beads.  I also noticed an occasional nick or small pit.
How photographed: At the window in natural daylight.
Comments: I purchased these beads from a new supplier, and I believe they are from a different manufacturer from which I got similar beads in the past.  Despite what I say under "Defects" above, I think they are well made.  I should point out that these 3-cut beads have deeper "cuts" than other beads that I have carried in the past, so they appear triangular when looked at from above.

This new supplier has substantially higher prices than my other suppliers have for similar beads, but they also have more colors.  I managed to bargain their price down, but I may not always be able to do that.  Future shipments of this bead may be more expensive, so my price may be higher.
Date first posted: August 7, 2012
Supplier: M
Caleb's notes:  
8mm Clear Picasso 3-Cut Round Beads [25]
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