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2x4mm Clear 'Farfalle' Beads [290+]

2x4mm Clear 'Farfalle' Beads [290+]
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Price Per Lot: $2.50
Lots Available: 18
Style No. (bin): G1779 (egc)

Cost per bead:

.9 cent (i.e., slightly less than one penny each)

Bead material:


Country of origin:

Czech Republic


4mm (long) x 2mm (wide) wiener-shaped beads with the hole running through the width – imagine an actual wiener with a toothpick in it.  Unlike a wiener, however, the beads are thinner at the center.


Clear glass.

Hole size:

1mm (estimated).


The beads appear to be in good shape, although an occasional bead may be malformed.

How photographed:

At the window in natural daylight.


My picture is really poor.  I probably should have photographed these beads on a dark background.  To get an idea of the shape, look at the other farfalle beads on the Small Beads page.


My supplier claims that these are very popular beads, so I got them in a bunch of colors.  They are as small as seed beads.  I think there are supposed to be 300 beads on each strand.  I counted a strand and came up with a bit more than 290.  A customer of mine says she can buy these for $1.50 per strand on another site.  I can't sell them that cheaply, although if you buy $100 worth of beads, you'll get 10% off plus free shipping, which brings the price down to about $2.10.  If you can find that other site, more power to you.


These beads are called, alternately, farfalle or butterfly or bowtie beads, although really they look like small hot dogs.  I guess that "hot dog" and "wiener" are not very appealing terms.

Date first posted: March 30, 2010
Supplier: B
Caleb's notes:  
2x4mm Clear 'Farfalle' Beads [290+]
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