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12mm Black Picasso Polished Rectangle Beads [20]

12mm Black Picasso Polished Rectangle Beads [20]
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Price per Lot: $4.50
Lots Available: 1
Item No. (bin): G573 (odl+)

Cost per bead:

22.5 cents

Bead material:


Country of origin:

Czech Republic


12mm (long) x 8mm (wide) x 4mm (thick) flat rectangles with polished surfaces or "windows".


Black glass with a gray/green picasso coating around the edges.


I eliminate seriously defective beads before shipping.  I can't eliminate every bead which has a slight defect, so I use my judgement as to which defects are so serious that the bead can't be used.  Certainly, cracks, deep or long scratches, large pits, partially polished sides, large spots of picasso coating on the polished surfaces, and malformations are all enough for me to eliminate a bead.  But I may not eliminate a bead if it has a very shallow scratch, small pits, or very small spots of picasso coating on the sides, or other small anomalies that don't ruin the overall appearance (although I often do eliminate such beads).  If you receive any beads with serious defects, that means that I overlooked them, and you should contact me for a pro-rated refund.


I have bought these beads many, many times, and they always look about the same.  In this instance, the picasso coating is a mixture of gray and olive green (mostly gray).  In the past, I've gotten these beads that didn't have olive green in the coating.  The beads pictured are an old batch.

Date first posted: December, 2006
Supplier: E, C
Caleb's notes: The first batch from E was dull and heavily scuffed with fine scratches.  The second batch had deep scratches across about 20% of the beads (heaven knows what they did to them!).  The first batch from C appears much more perfect; however, they are a bit thinner and have a darker, less interesting picasso coating.  The batch purchased in 12/11 is from E.  At first glance, they appear to be okay.
12mm Black Picasso Polished Rectangle Beads [20]
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