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18mm Pink/Lavender Opalescent Polished Patterned Rectangle Beads [5] (odd lot)

18mm Pink/Lavender Opalescent Polished Patterned Rectangle Beads [5] (odd lot)
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Price per Lot: $5.50
Lots Available: 1
Item No. (bin): G1617 (prp+)

Cost per bead:


Bead material:


Country of origin:

Czech Republic


18mm long, 12mm wide, rectangles with polished 'windows' that have a pattern in them (4-5mm thick).


It appears that these beads are a mixture of opalescent pink and opalescent blue, which results in a lavender color.  To my eyes, the beads look more lavender than pink, but the picture makes them look more pink than lavender.  There is a brown picasso coating on the sides and in the grooves of the pattern.

Hole size:

1mm (estimated).


I eliminate seriously defective beads before shipping.  I eliminate beads that have these defects:  cracks; chips; deep or long scratches; unpolished or partially polished windows; and dimples in the corners that cause the corners to appear rounded.  However, I don't eliminate beads that have these defects:  small or shallow nicks or scratches; picasso coating on the edges of the windows or on areas of the windows where it doesn't normally occur; picasso coating that has gotten into the holes, making them look dark; windows that have been over-polished so that most of the pattern has disappeared; ridges along the edges where some of the glass escaped the mold, if the ridge isn't uneven or very prominent; or dimples in the corners if the dimples don't cause the corners to be significantly rounded.  (Large rectangular beads often have depressions on the sides near the corners which I call "dimples".  They are a defect, but they are too common for me to eliminate all beads which have them.)  These beads are too expensive to eliminate every bead that has a slight defect.  They are very rustic in appearance, and many defects won't be visible or noticeable.  You are always free to return beads for a refund if you feel I have allowed too many defects.

How photographed:

At the window in natural daylight.


I love beads like this which have such subtle and unusual colors that you can't even tell what they are!

About the price: My price is very high because the supplier charges a very high wholesale price.  The supplier is a small company, and to the best of my knowledge they are the only ones selling these beads in this country.  My markup on these beads is the same as for the less-expensive beads on the site.
Date first posted: June 28, 2009
Supplier: J
Caleb's notes:  
18mm Pink/Lavender Opalescent Polished Patterned Rectangle Beads [5] (odd lot)
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